A surf Package with the Surftwins Essauoira is a one-stop shop for everything you need for the perfect surf vacation. On the surface, it looks like you are signing up for accommodation, surfing and food - but in reality, it is the good times, the new friends and the adventures that you will remember the most.


For many of the people who visit our camp the surf course is a big part of the experience. Whether this is your first time surfing or you have surfed for a decade to get the experience of improving never gets old.

This is our aim with all our courses. To have fun, to get the feeling of learning and evolving with other like-minded people. Our courses are a great way to improve your surfing game.


Choose the surf level that suits you and your surfing skills the best. Here at the Surftwins Essaouira, we instruct surfing at levels 1, 2 and 3 together with professional instructors who know the areas and the best surf spots for you.

LEVEL 1 - BEGINNER SURF COURSE with The SurfTwins Esaaouira


This course is for you who have never surfed before, or haven't surfed for a while and want to repeat the basics. We'll give you a fun and encouraging introduction to surfing, and share the stoke when you catch your very first white water waves.

Our experienced instructors will make sure you'll catch as many waves as possible and develop your skills in a safe and enjoyable way. This course is all about having fun together in the ocean.


We'll introduce you to the basics of surf theory, techniques and practical topics from carrying your board safely to catching waves. Our instructors strive to create a supportive environment where you feel motivated to learn as much as possible.

The goal of the course is to enable you to surf small white water waves all by yourself


Up practice with theory is always a great idea, to understand the why behind actions make if both easier to remember and to adapt

History of Surfing with Surftwins Essaouira

You'll learn where and when it all started and gain insight into the different types of boards and how they have developed over the years.

Surfing terms with Surftwins Essaouira

Learn the language of surfing and surf-specific phrases and expressions.

Ocean awareness with surftwins ESSAOUIRA

The types of rips, waves, weather, conditions, tides and how they work, places to surf, different types of waves; beach, point and reef breaks.

Surf Safety & etiquette with the Surftwins Essaouira

We’ll go through how to behave in the water, how to handle the board in and outside the water, how to handle the crowd of other surfers, how to fall after you have surfed a wave, and where in the water you should be as a beginner.

Surf Equipment with the Surftwins Essaouira

An introduction of all surf gear; type of boards, fins, leash, wetsuit, reef boots, wax etc. We’ll also go through the different parts of the board; nose, tail, up, down etc.

Board Control with the surftwins essaouira

How to position yourself on the board, paddling, handling, and sit on the board to avoid hurting yourself or anyone around you.

Take-Off with surftwins essaouira

Learn how to do the perfect pop-up and get up on your board quickly and safely - at the right time.

Surfing the whitewater

We start with belly rides to understand when the whitewater has the most power and advance to standing up on your board, riding the waves.

Individual feedback

Backing up practice with theory is always a great idea, to understand the why behind actions makes it both easier to remember and to adapt.

The teacher will give you specific instructions for what to work on, so you'll know exactly how to best progress and achieve the goals of the course.


For this course, we use soft top surfboards or longboards with plenty of flotation to allow for easy paddling and stable rides.

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