Get comfortable surfing on your own, improve your spot analysis and wave reading skills and develop surfing technique and confidence with video coaching with The Surftwins Essaouira.



The Surftwins course is designed for you that can catch green waves on your own, and surf frontside and backside. We'll surf mellow reef-, point- and beach breaks and help you feel confident surfing most breaks independently. We'll also focus on entry and exit from the break, surf etiquette and safety.



Now that you know how to go left and right, we'll go through everything you need to know to catch bigger waves and perform basic manoeuvres. You'll learn different techniques, and get personal guidance from the instructor when trying them out.

Ours instructors will take you to the most suitable spot each day, and our priority is to find the waves where you can progress the most.



Backing up practice with theory is always a great idea, to understand the why behind actions makes it both easier to remember and to adapt.

The lineup :

During this course you'll become more confident in the lineup. There are many factors to think about in the lineup, in addition to catching waves. We'll go through what you need to know to stay safe and have a good time by yourself and the surfers around you.

Surf safety, surf etiquette & priority rules :

To help you gain confidence in the water, we'll look closer at where to paddle out in the lineup, how to perfect your duck dive, where the rips run, where to exit the water etc. Knowing this, you'll be much more confident and catch many more waves.

Ocean awareness :

Moving on from the basics of how the ocean works, we'll invite you to learn more about reading swell charts for not only the nearby spots but your local spots at home. Improving your forecast analysis ability is crucial to help you be at the right spot at the right time.

The Surftwins Spot guiding :

During the Level 3 course, we'll teach you how to read the conditions, the crowd and sufficiently evaluate risk and reward. These are valuable skills you'll need for the rest of your blessed life as an independent surfer.

The Surftwins Individual coaching :

The coach will mostly be in the water to guide you to make the right decisions and help you learn and implement the things we go through in this course.

The Surftwins  equipment :

During the course, you'll get specific tips and input on what type of board the coach recommend for you to maintain the optimal progression.

We have a variety of boards at the camp, so you can also test different equipment to find your favourite set-up.

Get comfortable in up to head high waves on your own :

The goal for this course is for you to become relaxed surfing waves up to head high on your own. As part of that process, we'll teach and develop your technique on bottom turn, trimming, manoeuvres, duck dives and more.

The Surftwins Surfing terms :

As we continue to develop your surfing, we relate to new aspects of the wave, the ocean and the manoeuvres in your growing bag of tricks. With that comes a more extensive vocabulary and increased understanding of the surfing lingo.

The Surftwins Board control in the lineup :

We polish your paddle technique, how you navigate a lineup, and how you best swing around when a set comes. All this is key to catching a lot of waves from the lineup.

The Surftwins The duck dive :

The duck dive is an essential part of growing as a surfer, and avoid using energy on unnecessary paddling. We'll help you perform the duck dive the best way possible.

The Surftwins Essaouira Take-off technique :

If this is not correct, you might miss out on the best waves of the session. The same goes for timing; you need to be in the right spot and pop up at the right time to set up the wave. We'll work on all these aspects in the course.

Video analysis with The Surftwins :

To give you some visual feedback, we will film a minimum one session. When analyzing the footage together, you'll have some clearly identified areas to work on.

The Surftwins Boards :

We use a wide range of epoxy boards and hybrid soft tops depending on your level. Naturally, you can bring your own board as well if you wish.